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Got a git

31 Aug 2012

Hey guys.Today I create my github account and pushed my first commite to github.

I am a iOS and Android developer.I have heard git and github a lot.But I have never used any of these.Recently I realized as a programmer,I should not be so shut off.So I decide to be open to the internet and keep pace with other programmers in the world.So I came up with the github,I decide to share my code and maybe some other interestring stuff.I hope I can make some interesting friends.

I create my own personal Xcode project to put some Objective-c code I often use.I am going to share some Utils or Widget I wrote for iOS.I hope during the time I complete my own personal lib,I can learn something amazing.In another aspect, if these code can help somebody else.I would be very pleased.

here is my github page: