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Something happened.Someone happy.Somebody hurts.

23 Nov 2011

People can not expect what will happen in his life.Someday you met someone,had crush on her,then you got hurt.It may happen in a very short time.But during that time,you just feel time flows so slowly,especially when things not going well.

I think people can become really sensitive and imaginative when he or she “fall in like” with someone.

I can even create a whole novel when I see one of her tweet that has just a few words.So if you want to be an artist,fall in love with someone.I hardly write anything down in the daily life about my feelings, but when I am upset because of her,I really want to write something that I can’t tell her.When I write all the things down,I can feel much better as if I told her how I feel.That is really a relief.

As a coder who usually use logical thought more than perceptual thought,I kind of have a transform in my thought.I start to care something I would never care before.When the weather become cold,I will think of her and guess if she has put on warm clothes.When I found the moonlight is beautiful,I want to share the wonderful sence with her(at one evening,I did send her a short message).As one word,I become not myself any more.But I think I have learned how to care about people from all of this,which reminds me what a jerk I was before.

This is a quiet evening.Honestly,I feel a little lonely.I can not help starting imagining again.She just had a joyful talk with someone she likes.She changed her QQ sign and updated a tweet ,pretended to mention some topic they just talked about casually,hope he(but not me,sad) can notice.Just like what I did for her.

I really should stop.